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The New Book of Faeries

Garbage Gnomes (Camoflagion Disgustus)
A small creature that hides whatever you just threw out, and suddenly need, in the bottom of the garbage can. Preferably under a week old banana peel or other mushy object.

Drool Troll (Dripus Maximus)
A small troll with a huge mouth that comes in the night and drools all over your hand and pillow.

Wind Pixie (Pullus Alotus)
Grabs strands of hair and pulls them out through the nearest window or about-to-close window.
Normally only found in car and other types of transportation.

Underwear Gnome
Steals small items of clothing and hides them them, so it has something to nest in.

Hair Monkey
A gorilla-like being that comes in the night and mops the floor with your hair.
Sometimes known to cooperate with the Drool Troll.

Wardrobe Elf
Hides the clothes you really, really need in the laundry basket, and usually sprays it so it smells really bad.
Distantly related to the Garbage Gnomes

Pin Dwarf (Stockium Pointius)
Steals small shiny (and preferably pointy) objects from tables and other work surfaces and hides them in the carpet, pointy end up, as treasure.
Normally only found in sewing related areas, where it lives of small pieces of thread and dust bunnies, which it traps and sometimes herds.

The Morning After the Night Before Dwarf (Bigus Bastardus)
Rides a super fast, teflon-coated, diarrhea-infected camel (a bit like a shitty version of Rudolph), that craps in your mouth while you're sleeping it off.

Scissors Sprite
An otherwise benign spirit, it is, unfortunately, very easily confused. A distant relative of the Brownie, it tries to be helpful by taking care of various household chores, like making sure that the scissors are in the right place. It would be rather successful if it didn't instantly forget where the scissors are supposed to be be, as soon as it picks them up. It is, however very good at improvising, which actually just means that it drops the scissors anywhere. Preferably under something obscure.

House Boggard
A small dwarf-like creature, who spends most of its time invisible, stomping around the house, jumping down the stairs, upsetting the coffee mugs and scaring the cat.
A bit like children, really.
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